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Genomics and Biology. Biotechnology and genomics.

Agricultural Biotechnology

biotech jobs, biotechnology software, biotechnology consulting.With increase in population and concern about the quality of food, the bio-agriculture has gained focus in the recent past in India. The farmers in India are looking at the GM seeds, biofertilizers, biopesticides from which they can expect more return on their investments and also increase productivity. Read more on GM Seeds, Agricultural Biotechnology, Biofertilizers, biopesticides,Biofuel...

Livestock and poultry

biotechnology consulting, biotech jobs Foods derived from GM livestock and poultry are far from commercial use. Research efforts are underway at a large number of laboratories across the world to enhance the quality of live stock for human consumption. Many modifications to milk have been proposed that either add new proteins to milk or manipulate endogenous proteins.

Modern Biotechnology

biotechnology stock, biotech jobs, biotechnology stocks.The significance of the application of modern biotechnology in the area of food production and its resultant impact in terms of human health and development can not be undermined. As the world is faced with ever increasing population and more and more food shortage and regional imbalances, new technologies and techniques are being developed to enhance production and increase the shelf life of perishable items.


biotech jobs, bioinformatics, biotech career, biotech companies, biotech company.Bioinformatics and computational biology involve the use of techniques and methods including applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry and biochemistry to solve biological problems. Major research efforts being carried out in the arena include sequence alignment, gene finding, genetic engineering, DNA finger printing, genome assembly, protein structure alignment, protein structure prediction, prediction of gene expression and protein-protein interactions, and the modeling of evolution

Indian Biotech Investment

biotechnology software, biotechnology consulting jobs. India, the darling of the world as far as bio technology sector is concerned offers tremendous opportunities to companies to make investment in the sector in India. Growth of all three areas of bio technology- medicinal, agricultural and industrial and conducive climate for the same make India as one of the ideal destination for world investment flow in India. Following are a few areas where opportunities exist for India

Molecular Biotechnology

biotech software jobs, biotechnology consulting careers. Perhaps the most potent use of biotechnology for development of human well being has been in the field of molecular biotechnology. The powerful revolution in medicine during the past decade has been in the field of genomic research that has completely transformed conventional medicine into molecular medicine.

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Biotechnology and genomics.
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